Narrativizing and Religionizing

The Zman had an interesting post recently in which he correctly pointed out that narratives are more important than facts. And that we have to narrativize /our/ thing.

But narrativizing might not be enough.

It’s interesting that in the Zman’s post, and in the comments section, so many people naturally linked this subject to Bible stories. They narrativize morality for their audience.

And that’s my main point: narrativizing overlaps with religionizing. And I think you could claim that the left has not just narrativized, but religionized their thing.

Just as the Jews have religionized the Holocaust, making it their New Testament. Some right-wingers think it’s owning the left to point out that their thing is like a religion. But it’s really a self-own. Remember, religions produce fanatics. Religions win.

If we want to win, mere narrativizing, mere moralizing might not be enough–we will have to take that next step and religionize as well.

The Merchant Man (no, it’s not what you think)

We’ve all heard of “economic man.” But if I had to propose who we’re becoming now, it would be merchant man. (No, it’s not Them, though of course they are part of this baleful story.) Here’s my take:

If I had to sum up the left-wing “democracy project” in one word, I’d say that its purpose is to dissolve society. They’re well on the way already.

In the dissolved society, manners toward people become much like those of businessmen towards customers–you have to be sort of blandly polite towards everybody. You can’t literally or figuratively kick anybody out of your store.

And since there’s no cohesion, instead of sorting things out face to face, people rat on each other–which is also much like a customer making an anonymous complaint about a worker to the boss.

Instead of being a fully realized personality among a group that shares nuanced understandings, you become a sort of cautious merchant of yourself, a bland travelling salesman of yourself–and in the long run that will change your self.


A very popular dishonest debating technique is NAXALT: “not all X are like that.”

It’s usually used by leftists: “You’re criticizing black people as violent? Well, not all black people are like that?”

My answer is EXALT: “enough X are like that.”

Namely, that in any group, enough of them have some pathological trait that makes the whole group toxic for your group.

Instinctive Perversity

I think the key heuristic of leftism now can be summed up in two words: instinctive perversity.

I think most people have an inborn sense of what is right: treating people fairly, not harming children, the importance of family, not having a disgusting appearance, etc.

So the left-wing training consists of getting people to intuit this natural morality and then … go against it.

Probably not one in 100,000 leftists have actually read Gramsci or Marx or the Frankfurt school or whatever, but they instictively turn like a flock of birds towards what is most degenerate.

But that puts rightists in a logical trap: if rightists make a fuss, then, as the Zman says, leftists will get off on that. But if rightists don’t resist, then the degeneracy will probably just march on anyway.

Probably the only way out is through some sort of … (*wracks brain for nonfedposty language*) … non-democratic means.

[Originally a comment at the Zblog]

‘The Best of Morgoth’ is Here!

Well, you’ve probably seen the Morgoth books on this blog. But this one is a sort of “greatest hits” business, collecting the very best essays of brilliant dissident right blogger and video maker Morgoth into one not-too-long book.

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The Historical Liberation of the “Revolutionary Type”

There is essentially a revolutionary type of person: someone who has the pre-existing desire, independent of social conditions, to burn things down, to hurt people, to torture, to mass murder–and think well of themselves while doing it. In short, the “revolutionary” is simply the “political psychopath” type.

Before, these psychopaths were “locked up” in traditional social arrangements: stuck in small numbers in local villages, disempowered by undemocratic structures, quickly lynched by kings and frontier justice mobs, etc. They couldn’t do much damage.

But in the democratic-industrial age, traditional society has been completely dissolved. Now these toxic types can all gather together and form political factions, and do immense damage. Political leftism thus represents a “toxic build-up” that wasn’t possible before.

And then they simply project their hatreds onto different targets at different times, whole categories of enemies to be liquidated. They can always find some devil, you know? It’s our misfortune that we, the white race, are the current target. But we have to keep our heads, get organized, and fight back. What else can we do?

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